Our attention to detail extends beyond simply good workmanship and visual appearance, we make sure that nothing is changed from the original Land Rover specification unless requested.

We are Land Rover restoration specialists with all of the facilities needed to undertake a Full Land Rover Restoration. All Land Rovers are versatile allowing for almost any type of modification to be made.

Whatever the requirement of your Land Rover restoration project we can restore and refurbish any type and model taking care of:

  • Full Land Rover strip down and restoration to as new condition

  • Classic Series Land Rover improvements such as power steering, disc brakes, parabolic or coil spring conversion

  • Land Rover re-spray

  • Land Rover galvanised chassis

  • Land Rover galvanised bulkhead

  • New Land Rover Interior Trim

  • Extra Land Rover Seats

  • Land Rover Roll Cages

  • Land Rover Roof Conversions

  • Land Rover Engine Conversions


full rebuilds and restoration projects